How secure is your website? Are you taking the steps to ensure that your website, files, and users are safe? If not, you’re sabotaging your leads and sales, 82 percent of people won’t browse an unsecured website.

The experts at Smart Trend can help! We offer comprehensive WordPress security services packages that can be customized to meet your website security needs.

Our services cover

SSL Certificate

All the data on your site will be encrypted and your visitors will feel secure.

Install a Firewall

Implementing a firewall is one of the best ways to keep hackers and spammers at bay.

Protect login page

That way bots and hackers can’t find your login page so easily.

2-Factor Authentication

This means you'll need a code sent to your mobile device to log in.

Database Protection

Our team secures your database from SQL injection attacks.

Brute Force Protection

We change your login URL, force strong passwords, set up a firewall and activate automated IP blocking.

Daily Backup

If anything happens, we have your core files and database stored remotely for easy access and 1-click back-up.

Daily Malware Scan

If our scans find anything, the team will repair any files altered by hackers immediately.

Comment Spam Filtering

keep your website and dashboard uncluttered. It also optimizes your database for speed and SEO.

File Permissions

We adjust file permissions so only designated people who you know and trust can add to your files.

IP Tracking

If someone tries to access your dashboard or files more than once, we'll lock out their IP address.

Weekly Reports

Full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, traffic, performance and our 24/7 WordPress security service.

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