Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These policies and principles stated below are applicable to all Smart Trend customers. Smart Trend kindly requests all the customers to be committed to the enforcement of such agreement. The service is licensed to the customers based on their approval of all the terms and conditions stated hereunder.

Please read the agreement carefully before starting to use the service. means that the client totally agrees to commit all the terms and conditions stated thereunder.

– It is prohibited to transfer, store or provide any data or information of any materials violating the Islamic legislation or any other traditions and customs.

– All services provided by Smart Trend are used only for legal purposes.

– Receiving or benefiting from a Smart Trend service means that you agree to conform to the terms and conditions hereunder.

– Smart Trend has the right to amend the conditions hereof at any time without any responsibility on Smart Trend side. Smart Trend shall notify the current customer of any amendments.

– The customers shall pay the service charges by the time the customer demand the service.

– In case of website subscription renewal :

1- The customer shall commit to renewal at the time due as stated in his/her invoice. The customer shall be notified of renewal in a period of 30 days in advance.

2- In case customer does not request renewal, backup copy shall be retained for the customer’s website on Smart Trend server for 14 days at most.

– Smart Trend shall never hold the responsibility for any setbacks resulting from financial transfer or bank deposits.

– When payment of deposits to Smart Trend bank account, notification on such deposit shall be sent Smart Trend accounts department within no more than 72 hours.

– Smart Trend shall never hold the responsibility, under any circumstances, for any commercial agreements away from Smart Trend ticket system or emails in Smart Trend website.

– Smart Trend shall never, under any circumstances, demand the customers to send any information by any means except for Smart Trend ticket system.

– Smart Trend is entitled to decide, according to our interests, to reject, terminate or cancel any contract.

– Smart Trend shall provide the best quality and efficiency of services and ensure customer rights while fully committed to the time of contract agreed upon with the customer.

– aianat shall provide the highest level of stability of servers.

– Smart Trend shall maintain customer’s personal information and data and never uncover them to any third party unless with official written permission from a governmental or international competent body. In such case, customer shall be notified of the whole situation.

– Smart Trend shall keep the level of services and special offers publically announced on Smart Trend official website without discrimination or distinction with respect to any plan whatever.

– Smart Trend, in case of services interruptions in any time, shall compensate customers with an additional intervals in return to the time when the services were temporarily interrupted.

– Smart Trend shall deliver the services in the exact time as agreed upon with the customer.

– Smart Trend shall contribute to customer convenience and provide all the service required as much as possible without any additional efforts on the side of customer.

– Smart Trend shall keep transparent policies on informing customer about hosting server status.

– It is prohibited to transfer, store or provide any data or information of any materials violating the Islamic legislation, copyrights property or patents.

– It is prohibited to contribute to launching or supporting websites promoting illegal activities, racism, ideological extremism, degradation of religions, and/or any threats to people.

– It is prohibited to upload any files containing viruses or SSHs with the purpose of stealing information or causing damage. In case customer upload such files, the website shall be taken down and closed constantly.

– It is prohibited to publish any software of applications related to hacking or any educational materials on hacking and piracy.

– It is prohibited to cause any kind of damage to any website hosted by Smart Trend or to Smart Trend servers.

– It is strictly prohibited to use to Smart Trend servers to send advertising or promotional SPAM of websites or products.

– It is prohibited to send SPAM and unwanted messages; including messages to mailing list with permissions from recipients. This is a case of violating international laws and legislations which puts Smart Trend legal liability to questioning. In case of such violation, the website shall be taken down and closed immediately and constantly.

– Smart Trend has the right to change and modify price plans and services at any time. Such modification shall be applied to new website projects and in case of renewal, but not to websites already reserved before modification.

– Smart Trend shall provide, on weekly and monthly basis, website backup files for customers to be used if necessary. The customer shall hold full responsibility for the website backup. Smart Trend shall never hold responsibility over any damage caused to the website backup due to any hacking attacks and invalid permissions to backup folders and files.

– In case the customer does not request website subscription renewal 7 days before deadline, Smart Trend shall cancel the server reservation constantly. The customer then does not have the right to demand any financial rights or website backup files.

– In case the customer does not pay fees of a specified service, Smart Trend has the right to isolate and terminate any services provided for the customer until he/she provides payment of all services in full terms.

– Smart Trend shall ensure customer website security protect website against content leakage, even if Smart Trend suspends the website subscription. Smart Trend shall provide a copy of such website then to the customer.

– Smart Trend has the right to reject to host any website violating Smart Trend public policy without having to provide any justifications and/or reasons.

– In order to keep high standards of services quality, Smart Trend has the right to suspend the subscription of any website in case of violating Fair Usage Policy, FUP, and in turn causes temporary or permanent damage to Smart Trend services provided to websites of other customers.

Refunding policy shall be subject to the following :

– Refunding shall be provided if payment has been fully completed before delivery of services.

– No refund shall be provided after 30 days from receiving the service (See Domain Refund Terms).

– Any fees shall be deducted from the due amount.

– No refunding shall be provided in case of customer violation of any terms and conditions stated in the contract of the services.

– No refunding shall be provided unless by a direct formal written request from the customer sent via the email registered in Smart Trend mailing list and after confirming such refunding request with the customer after calling him/her on their phone number registered in Smart Trend system.

In some cases, refunds may be a credit in our system and this applies to domains.